Monday, April 5, 2010

Festival Facelift

Fred and Edward painting at BFT

Fred Carter, volunteer extraordinaire (left), and Edward C. Miller, BFT Board of Directors, have worked tirelessly over the winter months to help the theatre be ready for a new year.

Much of the building's exterior has a fresh coat of paint (several coats in some places). The lobby has been repainted, which you saw if you came to the BATA holiday gathering in December. Since then, the new carpet has been installed, as well as new sinks in the restrooms.

Edward C. MillerEdward and Fred have gotten help from several BFT board members and from a few really great friends like Douglas O'Neil, Jr., of Extemporaneous Theatre Company.

The courtyard, too, has had a facelift. Watch for pictures as spring emerges in BFT's front yard.

Coming soon, a new sign for the front entrance and other exciting improvements!

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