Friday, May 7, 2010

Kim Riegel's photograph to be in NYC exhibit

Photographer Kim Riegel is represented locally by Jennifer Hunt Gallery, one of BFT's partner galleries for the 2009-2010 season. As you may know, she's also married to Brad Riegel, who is active in the Birmingham theatre scene.

One of Kim's photographs has been selected for inclusion in BED TWO, an exhibit at the Umbrella Arts gallery in New York City. The photograph, titled "Greg & Brenda," is shown on the press release linked below, which also contains information about Kim and the exhibit.

"Greg & Brenda" may disturb some viewers because of its content. However, the frank portrayal of this couple's obvious love and acceptance of one another should also thrill, empower, and comfort many who see and think about it. The photograph is part of Kim's series “Observations of Intimacy.”
See the press release and photo.

It is a pleasure for BFT to see Kim's success, not only because of her affiliation with its partner gallery, but also because of her and Brad's long-standing support for theatre in the Birmingham area.

--Lee Griner, BFT Secretary

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